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  • Lesa Lafaelle

    About me: I'm now a Year 2 teacher in 2014...for now,  still i...ra!  Well actually, I am now teaching Year 3-4 children in Edgecumbe and...nly been teaching in this level for 4 years but I had actually been teac...ese wikis have been evolving over the years). In 2012...I WAS learning...

  • Janet Shepherd

    About me: ...ays per term. The other three days of the week I have four art groups.  Year 1-2 students  come for a whol...erm.  In the afternoon of that day I have CWSN children.  The groups for Year 3-4 and Years 5-6 come to me...

  • Robyn Wood

    About me: ...pal at St Clair School in Dunedin and am embarking on a whole new learning journey by doing the National Aspiring Principal's Programme.  I teach a year 3-4 class in the afternoons....

  • Beau Waitoa

    About me: I am working at Rowley Avenue School in HoonHay Christchurch. At the moment I teach a year 3-4 class. Every Thursday and Friday I teach a reo rua Maori class.

  • Nic

    About me: I'm a newby teacher working with Year 3-4 at Westport North... loving the opportunity to join my kids on their e-journey

  • krista huber

    About me: Senior teacher at Thorndon School.  Lead Year 3-4 syndicate. Have been actively involved in dance teaching for 8 years.  I had two years of profess...

  • Victoria King

    About me: Year 3-4 Leader of Learning, Modern Learning Environment.