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  • Team Kauri

    Team Kauri

    Year 7/8 Team at BS

  • Financial Capability

    Financial Capability

    NZC on-line resources for Year 1 - 10 Teachers with an explicit focus on Financial Capability. An intial face-to-face workshop will provide an opportunity for school leadership tea...

  • HP Teacher Ambassadors

    HP Teacher Ambassadors

    HP Education Ambassador programme is a new initiative set up this year by HP. It follows on from the HP Student Ambassador programme that has been running now for about three years.   Nine teachers from...

  • Year 7 & 8 Collaboration

    Year 7 & 8 Collaboration

    We're looking to collaborate and connect with other Year 7/8 classes around the country. Really open to how this could work - through blogger, sharing writing, twitter, skype - w...

  • Collaborative Long Term Planning

    Collaborative Long Term Planning

    kia ora, over the past years our school has been using ATLAS as our school wide planning.  It has its...a long time putting in all the NZC 'stuff'.  We did try IUgo last year, and although it is a more co...

  • Growth Mindset in maths at primary school

    Growth Mindset in maths at primary school

    We are planning a Teacher as Inquiry into How does growth mindset impact on student outcomes in maths in a year 3 & 4 class? We are a high decile school and feel it has great rel...

  • Digital Technologies NCEA Level 1

    Digital Technologies NCEA Level 1

    A place to discuss secondary digital technologies. Focusing on NCEA level 1 as they are the new standards, trialed in 2017, released this year - 2018, and replacing the old in 201...