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  • jfaber

    About me: ...ve recently moved into a purpose built new school which has been fitted out with new technology throughout the Centre. This includes Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms. We have...

  • Nick Ford

    About me: ...Blackboard LMS Moodle LMS Ultranet LMS Mahara e-Portfolio web and video conferencing solutions pod and vidcasting interactive whiteboards (Smart & Promethean) m...

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  • Useful iPad apps

    VoiceThread Great interface and excellent for oral language skills! Comic Life A brilliant cartoon creation tool. Perfect for learners that need a lot of visual suppor...


  • Collaborative Whiteboards

    I've been playing with an app called groupboard. Seems simple enough to set up with your mac and share a common webspace with up to 5 users on the free version. I had 2 ipads, laptop and iphone connected. Works well in real time, simple tools that are easy to use and allows pictures to be added. ...

    Tags: whiteboard, collaboration, ipad, ipod

  • Online Collaborative Whiteboard

    This whiteboard - "AWW: A Web Whiteboard" - allows you to draw on a blank slate in your browser. More importantly, it is a collaborative space that students can join from anywhere in the world with a broadband connection. I've found it useful for running a whiteboard concurrently with a Skype tut...

    Tags: whiteboard, collaboration, internet, online, live, tutorial, skype

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