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  • some good feedback

    It is so nice to get possitive feedback ... well done St Peters  From: "Margar...sible for Ultranet. I just thought I would drop you a quick note to commend the work being done by several of the...

  • Digital Citizenship

    Just added this as a group discussion but didn't work so perhaps will try here...I've been readin...tal citizenship I can see that we have much work to do in helping our communit...th their understandings of how children are working in online spaces and commu...

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  • Free online programmes at the Smithsonian

    Dear Education Professional: We are pleased...ly online discussions with experts, network with people around the world,...ne: 11:00 – 11:50am ESTHow can a work of art add to our understandi...an Art Museum will introduce you to artwork that does just that as they m...

  • Enner Glynn School

    Here are a couple of quick ideas that we are trying to in...r blogs, but links to our vokis and voicethreads are working in the meantime. Justine...discussion, a place where children truly feel their work is being valued and enjoyed b...

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  • Digital portfolios: guidelines for beginners (version 2)

    Version 2 of what Karen bookmarked. In process of getting it up on minedu when the earth shook and attention went elsewhere. Requests for further changes and versions for different purposes are best answered (for now) by saying "They are openly licensed, so feel free to make a derivative work."

  • Connected Cluster

      The Connected Cluster came about from a group of educators in Hamilton wishing to work with others for the bettermen..., Southwell School and St Andrews Middle School had worked together over the past...

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  • Does anyone know how to embed HTML5 into wikispaces? Scribd has changed to the new coding and this won't work in the Wikispaces 'other html' widget.

  • Finally spending a day in the office getting on top of paper-work grrr! Catching up with everyone on the VLN is a nice distraction!!!

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  • Slide - different spaces for learning

    We often think of the first three - but how often do we give full consideration to the mountain tops on which our learners share their work?   Photo by Graham Prentice - Cyclone Computers

  • Holy ProBot Batman

    Last week the year 5 and 6 students at Gree...m.  During and after the robotics workshop at the conference the stu...rents through their LMS Ultranet. The workshop was set up, with a mix of...this term. Click here to view how the workshop was set up online. This...

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  • Giving Children a Voice

    ...onal outcomes for the children in this suburb. When the majority of children star...s a voice is by posting their stories and other work on her Pt England School clas...elps the students engage, both in their written work and in the technological comp...

  • ICTs Supporting Key Competencies

    ...asing to see that some schools had shifted from when we last completed the rubric...d schools to identify areas of concern and then work on their next steps. It also...4 - "Key competencies are a component of class work and students are developing a...

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  • Phase 2: Scoping

      Once there is a commitment to proceed, and a leve...participating school or organisation to support the work that will be required in comi...tion. Focus: Establish communications networks. Shared vision and values....

  • Phase 4: Implementation

      If the planning phase has been completed successfully the implement...implementation. While the detailed planning provides an essential framework for all members of the LCO to work to, it is important to ensure...

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  • The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

    The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

    The Virtual Learning Network Community (VLNC) is a group of scho...se to operate as a collaborative network, utilising digital technologi...do.   The members of the VLNC work collaboratively but also in a...ecoming connected to the Managed Network (N4L), the digital tools oper...

  • English AS 91479,

    English AS 91479,

    A group to discuss and comment on approaches to the standard and submitted work with the aim of gaining a better understanding of how it can be used and what it can look like.

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  • M-A Barnett

    I work for the Ministry of Education as a principal adviser in learning technologies.  Part of my role is to support the 21st Century Learning Reference Group with the development of a Learning with Digital Technologies strategy.    

    Tags: When I am not at work, I am an art student with a particular interest in print-making. (Such as woodcuts, linocuts and etchings)