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  • Does anyone know how to embed HTML5 into wikispaces? Scribd has changed to the new coding and this won't work in the Wikispaces 'other html' widget.

  • Finally spending a day in the office getting on top of paper-work grrr! Catching up with everyone on the VLN is a nice distraction!!!

  • I may have thought I was uploading stuff but it sure didn't work- why can't this be easier? It shouldn't have to be difficult- surely.

  • Held a second session on blogging and a teacher presented what her children were doing with Scratch - great maths/logic work.

  • I work as a private provider to schools, offering professional development in Inquiry Learning, Questioning, and Curricuum Implementation.

  • Reading my emails and catching up on the work that I set for my 5 classes today.

  • @petita It means "through hard work comes fulfillment." One of my favourite songs!

  • Awesome day today. Kids chatting to author Sandy Morris in the hot seat in superclubs plus. Thanks Sonya (Newmarket) for all the hard work!

  • Thanks Karen - I can get some work done now without constantly flicking over!

  • Today I am generating more work for myself, marketing the IYT! looking forward to the world cup!