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  • Digital Citizenship

    ...will try here...I've been reading with interest the discussion in the Whakatu Cluster around digital citize...in online spaces and communities. I'm interested in the points in the Whakatu discussion around what are th...

  • Tony Ryan meets 'Horace' the Thinking Grid.

    ...session with Tony was inspiring, enlightening and provocative  We decided to have the syndicate leaders and eLearning lead teachers for the Whakatu and link Learning clusters at...

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  • Tahunanui School

    ...d community.  The AUP has grown from student discussions,  Lead E-Learning Teacher discussioon and professional development through the Whakatu Cluster (ULearn, Tony Ryan, L...

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  • Check out the Whakatu Cluster Film Festival 2011 www.kidscanfilm.blogspot.com....and make a comment. thanks

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  • Possible approaches

    ...ing Framework: Access pages for each dimension/element. e-Learning strategic plans: Schools share examples of what they are developing. Whakatu Cluster Strategic Plan for e-...


  • Whakatu Schools

    Whakatu Schools

    This is the group area for the Whakatu Schools' eLearning Cluster in Nelson.

  • Genius Cafe National

    Genius Cafe National

    This is the genius cafe group on the VLN... The 'Genius Cafe' is an initiative started by the Whakatu Schools eLearning Cluster. It is an evolving learning opportunity based on the premise that; '... none of us is as smart as all of us...' (thanks Sir Ken Robinson)

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