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  • Video Conferencing in Christchurch

    I am going to try to get a number of my students onto video conferencing this year. I have set up a project based learning course, and am linking in with the University. I plan to link groupos of students with 'mentors'. People that can provide real world experience, so kids can start to think ou...

    Tags: vc, video conferencing, christchurch

  • Skype Video - Free for Teachers

    Skype in the classroom are now offering free video conferencing for teachers. Try it out with your UFB - if you have it... Thanks GCSN for sharing this little gem. Be great to hear from schools who have used skype video for a multipoint connection, last time we tried it was pretty flakey but t...

    Tags: skype, ufbis, video conferencing, vc, online learning

  • Kick the Can - Over the Back Fence Update

    Thanks to Geoff Woods from Rosmini College for his update on the activities of the Over the Back Fence Project. Twelve of the fourteen schools that indicated their involvement in OtBF this year are now on line. We are also working with another 6 sites on related projects. We figure that we...

    Tags: Rosmini College, Geoff Woods, OTBF, Kick the can, collaboration, projects, skype in the classroom, video conferencing, online learning, skype, health, environment

  • Collaborative Project - Transport - Expressions of Interest

    Rosmini College invites Year 7 classes to join their Transportation Safety Project (2013 edition).The students gather and work together in one of twenty-two groups (see list below) to examine Transportation Safety issues. Each group works within a wikispace to develop the group's project. A templ...

    Tags: Rosmini College, Geoff Wood, collaboration, projects, skype in the classroom, video conferencing, online learning, skype, health, safety

  • Video Conferencing

    PHS ICT PD –EOY Milestone report: Mr. Joseph Holland ICT PD Facilitator During 2012 at Papanui High School (PHS) we have had some very useful and interesting video conferences (VC). Video Conferences have been utilised greatly in recent months by our scholarship students who have attended ...

    Tags: Milestone 6, Video conferencing