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  • Using e-learning to support and enhance critical thinking

    At St James’ teachers have been part...achers participated in a second staff meeting aimed at developed a Thinking...olbox and ICT blueprint. In the last meeting on this, which took place las...inking skills, so the focus for these meetings has been on which would be s...

  • Enthusiasm of schools

    I have been reminded over the past few weeks as to how b...hools principals, I know I am not too far away from meeting the other principal in a F2F...ing to the lovely young lady at reception, I missed meeting this principal - we worked ou...

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  • Regional Meeting Oct 5 2010 Minutes

    Manaiakalani, Russell Burt decile 1a...r next year offering some night time meetings as well challenges around t.../support that and help move them from meeting immediate needs towards trans...CDC 120 schools turned up to first meeting looking for mandate to be par...

  • Planning Meeting 1 - 2011 Term 1

    What do you need to achieve?Film Festival - Term 2Sponso...nd tech angelsHow & when will this be done?Next Meeting: Week 8 (Thursday 24th March)...onsorships/Prizes - Dave How will you keep it going?MeetingsBlogsWikisSurveysReflectionPr...

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  • Finance/Funding

      Focus Coordinate financial systems within and between schools. Finalise bu...me staff to provide supervision for senior subjects may now better be spent on meeting the costs of accessing expert...

  • Vision

    To enable rich and relevant opportunities for learners   The Virtual Learning Network Community is committed to: ensuring ALL learners have access to a qu...

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  • Google Hangouts

    Tags: google, hangouts, vlnc meeting, communications group, vln community

  • VLNCommunity Meetings information

    The Virtual Learning Network Community Monthly Meeting (for 2016 will be the second Tuesday of every month) Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm - Details to join: Via Video Conference - Course ID # 3184401 Password #112016 By Audio 0800 693 638 - (follow the voice prompts) Course ID # 31844...

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