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  • Connected Whanau

    One issue that arose for us with our Computers in Homes (see Computers in Homes wri...nd also some houses needing special antenna put up in high places that require council permission - fancy that takin...

  • Network for Learning

    Last week the VLN Community met with Marg McLeod, Acting Group Manager, Curriculum Teaching and Learning, and Edd...red to many other countries that push things through from the top down and the VLNC ha...

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  • The VLN provides access to:

    The VIRTUAL LEARNING NETWORK (VLN) provides access to: The Learning Exchange The Learning Exchange is...VLN supports the work of the Māori Medium Kura Network and the VLN Community (VLNC),...

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  • Just about to get started on our latest webinar > Social media for teachers with the Teachers Council. Want to join us? Message me asap:-)

  • NZ Teachers Council - Social Media and Teachers - downloadable resources now available. http://www.teachersandsocialmedia.co.nz/resources/

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  • VLNC Council Meeting Tuesday 9 July 3.30pm

    A reminder and warm invitation to the monthly VLNC Council MeetingWhen: 3.30pm Tuesday  9th July 2013Details to join:By VC 0600Bridge PIN: #726750#By Audio 0800 693638 - PIN: 726750# The agenda wil be provided at the meeting. Minutes will be available after the meeting along with any other...

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  • VLNC Council Meeting Tuesday 22nd October 2013 3.30pm

          The Virtual Learning Network Community Council Monthly Meeting You are warmly invited to the VLNC Council meeting When: 3.30pm this Tuesday October 22ndDetails to join: By VC 0600Bridge PIN: 726750# By Audio 0800 693638 - PIN: 726750# Virtual Learning Ne...

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