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  • Developing Distributed Leadership

    The context: The GSC ICT cluster is made up of ten schools from the Greater South Canterbury area. During 2010 the cluster concentrated on building capacity in all teachers and the evidence collected showed this worked. 2011 Focus Now the focus is on building sustainability within and across s...

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  • Central South Change Priorities Activity

    Click on the link below to open the google doc for the Central South Change Priorities Activity http://goo.gl/Ms1UIb

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  • NEAL Milestone#4 - Reflective Summary

    NEAL 2011 The NEAL Regional Cluster Group represents 28 schools, most of which are located on Auckland’s North Shore.  Our schools are a mix of primary, intermediate, and secondary schools and represent an eclectic mix of teaching spaces, models, and physical structures.  Hence, ...

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  • Merivale School. How we developed a Context for our Teacher Inquiry into Online Learning

    Social Networking, strengthening relationships, developing supportive online Learning environments, are all part of learning with uspace @ Merivale school. What was important for us? Identiying the key drivers from ICTPD Cluster perspective: "developing maori potential" was our very fi...

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  • Reflective Summary

    Context Decile 9 co-ed secondary stand-alone cluster in north Wellington. ICT is in the development phase. We have 4 computer rooms of 30 machines each with other pods in art and music. Some departments use Notebooks/smart-boards  We had a network upgrade in 2010, and this year we are ...

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  • Introduction to the Virtual Learning Network

    This page introduces the VLN, how it's centralised portal to connect clusters to their own resources and each other. It also provides some clear instructions for using the VLN how to get started and what groups to join.

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  • Starting out in the VLN

    This PDF document can help cluster personnel in the early stages of setting up personal profiles, creating group spaces, adding details (including tags) and understanding a little more about how we can successfully connect online.

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  • Enner Glynn School - Reflective Summary for Milestone 5

    The reflective summary for EGS

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  • Teaching Under the Microscope - Trends in Online Learning

    Roberts, R. (2010) Teaching Under the Microscope - Trends in Online Learning, in Proceedings of ULearn10 - Research Stream. 6 - 8 October, 2010, Christchurch Convention Centre, NZ. N. Dabner, S. Bailey, J. Johnson, N. Davis Eds.  Abstract: In the recent decade there has been major grow...

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  • Video conferencing in distance learning: A New Zealand schools' perspective.

    Roberts, R. (2009). Video conferencing in distance learning: A New Zealand schools' perspective. Journal of Distance Education, 13(1),91-107. Abstract: This article sets outs to trace the development of video conferencing in distance learning in the New Zealand secondary school sector. It b...

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