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  • Cross-Curricular Teaching

    I enjoyed reading this post this afternoon. I wonder if there might be opportunities we could even try cross-curricular teaching between the two schools. Cover a similar or complementary topic and Skype or GHO classes to discuss and enrich our understandings?

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  • The Art Project - Reflective Summary

    The Art Project  The Art Project has required a fundamental shift in perception regarding teaching and learning for both the teacher and the learner. The traditional timetable was altered and students, who had applied and been accepted for the programme, came to realise very quickly how sma...

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  • How are schools using mobile learning devices? http://bit.ly/Y8O1TM #vln #eTechs

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  • Agenda items from iPad for Learning Meetings with Principal

    These are the agenda items from the last 3 meetings witht he principal to discuss the year 7 iPads for Learning progression.

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  • Great Digital citizenship resource

    At one of the ULearn presentations I attended the speaker shared this link on Digital Citizenship. I like that it has information for Primary, Intermediate and Secondary, and covers things from basic ICT skills and online safety, privacy and sharing, to critical thinking, online research and copy...

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  • ICT Cluster Meeting 16/11/2012 - Digital Citizenship

    A mash-up of the cluster meeting held for schools leaving the cluster. There are some amazing links and resources included so I recommend having a look.

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  • "Integrating E-Learning Effectively into Classroom Practice"

    Rotorua Town and Country Cluster Reflection  - Milestone 6 Year Level - Primary Cluster Type - Traditional ICTPD Cluster Context - To reflect on our 3 year ICTPD journey teachers (79) completed a reflective online survey generated by the cluster facilitator. Questions were asked to cover ...

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  • Wellington Loop VLN reflection for Milestone 6

    Background information: Third year of our regional cluster Wellington Loop consists of ten schools.  The Wellington Loop continues to look at the way innovation and technology adoption affect the goals of our cluster, particularly in the areas of two of our cluster goals.  T...

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  • Goals and Vision for e-Learning at Saint Peter's College

    In term one the elearning committee met to discuss the direction of eLearning at Saint Peter's College. There had been a large shift from previous years in how the Ultranet was to be utilised by staff and a more faculty wide approach was taken on. Also issues around BYOD were brought up and how b...

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  • Burnside High School Milestone 5. The New Normal and the Beginning of the Next Stage!

    Overview: The original proposal was broken into ICT and PD Goals. ICT Goals: Provide Infrastructure/Services to support  learning and teaching across the curriculum (Google domain and integration with a LMS)  Provide web 2.0 access/support Federated/Integrated Approach PD Go...

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