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  • Jo Gibson

    About me: Am a teacher and ePrincipal, beaming in from Masterton, with:   Unitec, Auckland (working remotely): eTeam advisory for blended course development - Course develo...

  • Rachel Whalley

    About me: I am the ePrincipal for the VLN Primary online schools and foundation Council Member and past Secretary for the VLN Community. I have previously...Brief description: VLN Primary Co-ordinatorContact email: rachel.whalley@vln.school.nzWebsite: http://vlnprimary.school.nz/Twitter username: @rache65, @vlnprimary

  • Carolyn Alexander-Bennett

    About me: ...pal of FarNet in Tai Tokerau.  One of the founding members of the Virtual Learning Network Community Charitable Trust and is the Chairperson of the VLNC Council (2015 & 2016). H...

  • Pete Graham

    Website: http://westnet.vln.school.nz

  • robin ohia

    Website: http://tepataka.vln.school.nz

  • Simon Evans

    About me: ...cilitator for Software for Learning. As part of my role I am responsible for the Software for Learning site on TKI, the S4L blog hosted within the VLN and production of the associa...

  • Tessa Gray

    About me: ...g part of my role, is to help build a sense of community identity in the VLN community groups space. I'...l network - which includes brokering relationships within and beyond the VLN. I'm also here to supp...Brief description: Enabling e-Learning online facilitator. I'm excited about the prospects of the VLN and how it can bring like-minded people together online. I am here to help promote discussions and share effective practice.

  • RawiriMckinney

    Website: http://matuaraki.vln.school.nz

  • John Doe