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  • Universal Design for Learning at a glance.

    The idea of Universal Design for Learning is most probably going to march it's way into our consciousness in the next few months. If you need to share a taster with colleagues, this is a good start. If UDL at a Glance is viewed in YouTube, the video has an interactive transcript, which is a re...

    Tags: udl, universal design for learning, diversity, equity

  • Joe's Non-Netbook: A tongue-in-cheek challenge to all teachers

    A cracking example of how our students engage in learning and expect to be able to interact with resources.  Taking the tongue out of the cheek, it also raises the some questions around how we inadvertantly present barriers to learning in our choice of resources.    If you int...

    Tags: universal design for learning, udl, diverse learners, technology

  • Hand Gestures--Another Tool to Learning

    In my weekly search around the various on-line education sites, I came across this post called Cracking a Secret Code to Learning: Hand Gestures from Mind/Shift.  It discussed the importance of gestures to assist teaching and learning.   In the post by Annie Murphy Paul, she says, 'Th...

    Tags: hand gestures, Universal Design for Learning, teaching and learning

  • Autism Awareness Month

    In recognition of April being Autism Awareness Month, the following links provide information on Autism Spectrum Condition and the principles of Universal Design for Learning.  The first link is a chapter from  Dagmara Woronko and Isabel Killoran (2011). Creating Inclusive Environments...

    Tags: Austism, ASD, Universal Design for Learning

  • App-titude: Apps for High Schoolers with Autism

    This is an article written by Sean Sweeney in the ASHA Leader, an online resource that serves the community involved with young people who experience speech, language and hearing challenges.  ASHA stands for the American Speech Language Hearing Association.  Sean Sweeney is a Speech Lan...

    Tags: Autism, ASD, Universal Design for Learning, apps

  • Universal Design for Learning--Ideas When Working with Young People who experience Deafness or Hard of Hearing

    The University of Vermont in the United States of America has created this page on Universal Design for Learning when working with students who experience deafness or some level of hearing loss.  It gives some good general information to consider when we are working with young peop...

    Tags: Universal Design for Learning, Deaf, Hard of Hearing