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  • Developing Successful Digital Citizens through Online Participation

      The Context The Kura Iwa ICT cluster, is made up of nine Canterbury Schools - Bamford, Bromley, Christchurch East, Linwood Intermediate, Ouruhia, St Albans Catholic, St Anne's, St Mary's and Tai Tapu, with eTime facilitating their ICTPD programme.   During 2010 the cluster conce...

    Tags: kura iwa, ultranet, classspace, wikispaces, Teaching As Inquiry, VoiceThread, eTime

  • Year 11 English – Discussions on Ultranet

    This is an example of using online learning during Eng Lit class.  

    Tags: english literature, secondary schools, blogging, ultranet. tag_names:subjects: ultranet

  • Teachers Hold the Real Keys to Whiteboard Effectiveness

    http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2011/06/15/35mm-whiteboards.h30.html?tkn=QNCHGHOtI817meTf3DmDhLU5VbQj9%2FHRywtT&cmp=clp-sb-ascd An interesting read..... great plug for PD.  We are so blessed having the ICT PD Cluster available to us.  

    tag_names:subjects: ultranet, mimio, ict in the classroom, technology

  • Baradene Religious Studies Department Use of ICT

    In our department we are using ICT in various ways. Throughout the year levels we have used Prezi, powerpoint and youtube to show videos and presentations in order to enhance learning. The ultranet is used so that the students can ask questions of their teachers or send in files or websites that...

    Tags: religious studies, secondary, ict, prezi, Ultranet, Faithcentral. tag_names:subjects: ultranet, ict in the classroom

  • SPC Net Usage Statistics - Whole Year

    As of 29 September, this graph shows the impressive growth in the number of students accessing SPC Net. Keep in mind that many students use classwide logins rather than individual logins (therefore the usage could be even higher). This is only records "unique" logins so students who log in multip...

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  • SPC Net Usage Statistics - September

    This is a pie chart of the number of students who have accessed SPC Net in September, plus it shows how often they log in as well.

    tag_names:subjects: ultranet

  • DP from St. Mary's college: collaboration around ultranet

    The DP from Mary's College is paying us a visit at Baradene to discuss how we use ultranet to support our teaching and learning in the classroom.

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  • The Power of using Online Environments

    The Power of using Online Environments Achieving our goals through the delivery of professional development with a cross-curricular lense The ContextOne of the aims of Our School Charter 2011-2014 states: All students are able to access The New Zealand Curriculum as evidenced by progress a...

    Tags: online learning, ultranet, reflective summary, vln, learning story,

  • Using Uspace on Ultranet

    We are in the process of introducing the use of portfolios in classes and have decided to use uspace as our e.learning tool as we already have ultranet as our LMS. Peter, Theresa and I had a meeting this morning to discuss aspects of u-space that we might not need for our teaching and learning. T...

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  • Continued journey to enhance learning through Ultranet LMS - Part 2

    This reflective summary updates our continuing journey across the cluster in the implementation and effective utilization of a managed learning environment using the Ultranet platform (refer to previous reflective summary: Enhancing Student Learning through Ultranet LMS /resources/view/687918/enh...

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