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  • Just activated the new 'Activity Dashboard' - should make your VLN homepage more useful - you may need to re-organise some of your widgets

  • EduCampNZ dates & venues on the wiki http://bit.ly/ijZhyt focus is on e-learning, sharing ideas we've discovered & learning from each other

  • @karenmelhuish i'm intending on going but waiting to hear about the efellowship - as usual i'll be saving my $$$ in order to pay ...

  • @AllanahK This would be a great question to post in the Netsafe group here. I suspect the answer lies between an AUP and curriculum change;)

  • Looking around the web to see how other Elgg sites have used the Wire.

  • If you are using this Elgg space with a group, any feedback on glitches etc that you've noticed are welcome - flick them to me:-)

  • Hi all, am playing around with the usability of this community space...in a world of Twitter, do we also need the Wire?

  • @karenmelhuish wireVTwitter not so useful 4 us, went with twitter feed on profile using blog widget, can see possibilities 4 closed group

  • @ross.alexander "Does this out-twitter Twitter?" ...suspect not

  • Just joined! Dreading this.