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  • Phase 2: Scoping

    ...ghts may save a lot of time and wasted effort in establishing a new LCO. The perspectives of parents/whanau and students must not be neglected in this phase, as their needs must be paramount in terms of def...

  • Introduction

      Learning Communities Online Virtual Learning School clusters and LCOs The 4 Ps How to use this handbook

  • Establish purpose

      Focus Discuss and establish the purpose for forming a LCO. Explanation Like the philosophical context, a clear articulation of the purpose of the LCO needs to be gi...

  • Set goals and principles

      Focus Develop an agreed set of goals and principles for..., a succinct list of goals and principles for the cluster should be established. The...serve as a key point of communication with the various school staff, BOTs and other...

  • Agree on membership

      Focus Establish membership of the community. Explanation A clear understanding o...stablishment of this network e.g. community groups, medical centres, local industry groups, early and continui...

  • Explore potential funding sources

      Focus Explore possible funding sources. Explanation The establishment of an LCO...tc.) and the ongoing maintenance costs (ISP and telecommunications charges, cluster coordination/management, s...

  • Relationships & Communication

      Focus Identify key stakeholders and lead...es will be limited, as borne out in cluster research. Action Ide...mmunity. Education support: other cluster representatives, Virtual L...es the background and vision of the cluster, along with process the cl...

  • Adding a new course

    All courses on the VLN need to be added from the page of the provider that will be delivering the course. In order to take enrolments each course must have a class attached.

  • Adding a new school

    In order to add courses for your cluster you first need to add the schools/providers that will be delivering the courses

  • Setting Up Your Dashboard

    In order to access your cluster you need to configure your VLN Community Dashboard.