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  • There's still time to sign up for the free LEARNZ webinar today. Register now at http://bit.ly/NiXVeB

  • Would rather be fishing! Have spent time on twitter-great way to keep up with the play and sometimes waste a few minutes as well...

  • First week working full time with CORE Education.

  • First time Principal embraces Blended eLearning http://www.edgazette.govt.nz/Articles/Article.aspx?ArticleId=8649

  • The end-of-year Enabling e-Learning round-up is packaged up neatly and ready to go >>> just in time for Christmas http://bit.ly/1ykE6L0

  • There's still time to enrol for FREE webinar >> on ways to integrate LEARNZ virtual field trips into the classroom. http://bit.ly/PZjeAY

  • Wow how exciting! Just in time for Christmas...the very new Inclusive Education website http://inclusive.tki.org.nz/ has gone live today!

  • Does anyone use a virtual/real time meeting tool they could recommend - other than Blackboard Collaborate, Google Hangout or GoToMeeting?

  • @glen.davies - Oh, missed that...so now I get to waste time in amusing myself with the profile! I need a life!

  • oh shame - another time then... lol