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  • Holiday reading! Haven't had time to follow all the eLearning activity this week? Here's a summary: http://bit.ly/rjLvEf

  • Wouldn't it be nice if you could save a bookmark to more than one group at a time.

  • Can anyone share any agreements on home use of school iPads. Some sort of protocol for their use outside of school time.

  • Papa Kupu will be going to ULearn this time - that means all of our staff members will have had an opportunity to participate

  • Ok Ulearn when are the breakouts ready 2 b booked??? Or is every1 gona book at the same time and overload the system.. lol

  • Day 3 at Ulearn - having a great time, especially seeing the excitement in my staff and the discussion about what next!

  • Had a fantastic time at the U-Learn conference. It was overwhelming and definitely rewarding. Check out this U-learn site http://edtalks.org

  • The online workshops, pae pae, seminars etc are great...but why are they all on at the same time? AND we've already planned our term!

  • Technology:over time, in everyday life, as part of Inquiry, to self review, as virtual reality? What does it look like? http://bit.ly/I60zy0

  • I'm in Kirikiriroa waiting for my daughter to wake up. Could be some time.