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  • Online Support for Students in Christchurch

      Following on from the tragedy of C...to support their learning during this time. Go to http://shakeupschoo...their children's learning during this time, might be interested in the f...inue to engage in learning during this time.

  • Respect and Protect

    A cyber safety agreement can be very wordy!  Often we sign it and forget all abo...s and I started a book that lived in the book corner so we could read it at any time.  Inside the book we rec...

  • Tech hui Wellington

    This year's Tech Hui will be held on the 24th of June at The Museum of New Zealand Te...rence is now in its 6th year and has been of huge benefit to students over this time. The speakers we have co...

  • ICTPD Virtual Cluster Network Meetings

    Cluster network meetings in 2011 will take a blended ap...nate session: Thursday May 5th with a starting time of 3:45pm Tuesday May 10th s...minate session be sent to you closer to the meeting times.

  • Papanui

    We have written an on-line course on Digital...ill complete. Years 9 and 10 have been timetabled into a computer lab for...mplete the course on-line in their own time. The idea is to get all the s...ink to the on-line course Link to the timetable for Year 9 and 10 studen...

  • National Goal 3 - Capability of Teachers to Integrate e-Learning

            Lead teachers ran regular PLD sessions in terms 2 a...found the process valuable. The other staff have found the logistics of finding time to swap to be challenging.

  • 31st of August - Stoke School

    Agenda:   De-Brief Kids Can Film Festival Geni...again next year?) Developing your AUP Sharing time Linking these to your values...e? Developing the systems to support it Sharing Time Innovations - what are you...

  • B. I. S

    The school has provided computers for use by students, offering access to a vast amou...intentionally wasting resources puts your work at risk, and will cut short your time with the ICT equipment. ...

  • National Goal 1 - Capability of Students to Become Digital Citizens

    A parent evening was held 30 March and the internet safety agreement was explained. A...y over half of our parents.  Our wikipages were introduced and parents had time to connect and 'play' on the...

  • Stoke

    Stoke School Cybersafety Use Agreement acceptable Use Policy For Primary Student...about cybersafety and/or this use agreement and I am welcome to do this at any time.   Additional inform...