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  • Doug Fitzsimons

    About me: I am Principal of Porritt School, one of the seven school in the Digital Daze Cluster. I am on the learning curve with the teachers and principals of the cluster as we strive to develop confidence and competency in the usage of ICT to support teaching and learning.

  • Bev Boyes

    About me: I am a teacher at Ohaupo School. I am currently teaching a Year 2 and 3 class.

  • Kerry

    About me: I am DP at Ohaupo School and have the pleasure of currently teaching 35 year 7 & 8 students.  I have been teaching for more years than I care to recall and have seen massive changes in my practice and more i...

  • Pam Hook

    About me: Pam Hook is a teaching and learning consultant (HookED), who works with New Zealand schools to de..., where Artichoke has been looking at at the heart, leaves and thistles of teaching and learning since 2004.

  • Julie Beattie

    About me: ...and the Pacifika Research project. I love the variety of work I am involved in :especially working in depth with schools to build leadership and teaching capability that results in im...

  • unab

    About me: ...two boys, who live at home with me and their parents.  I'm currently teaching at Putauaki Full Primary School in Kawerau in a  Year 3 & 4 class.  I gained my Teaching Diploma at Awanuiarangi, grad...

  • Barbara Corcoran

    About me: I live and work in the Mackenzie Country, making my home in Burkes Pass and teaching Year 3 at Fairlie Primary School. I love having a career where no two days are alike. My own six ch...

  • Vicki Zonnevylle

    About me: Teaching Year 3/4 at Bluestone School in Timaru.

  • Jeanne Gilbert

    About me: Facilitator Poipoia te Reo, Te Toi Tupu and Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Education, the University of Waikato.

  • Nichole Gully

    Interests: language teaching