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  • Bu Windsor

    About me: Teaching principal at View Hill School. We are a small rural school, using strengths-based teaching to motivate and engage our 60+ pupils in curriculum programmes that utilise our community resources and events.Interests: teaching

  • Giles Lancaster

    About me: ...I believe that there are two important questions that educators need to ask about ICT. The first is can ICT  be used as a tool for learning and teaching.  What could be called the se...

  • Tracy Bowker

    Skills: digital technology and e-learning in the context of teaching and learning

  • Mandy Dempsey

    About me: Primary teacher - spent over 10 years teaching in NZ and Australian schools.  Real ICT enthusiast! Highlight of my career - working for eTime for the past 2 and a half years, working w...

  • Justine Hughes

    About me: I am a Deputy Principal, teacher and learner, just completing my Masters.  Passionate about teaching and learning in the 21st Century and the rapid development of new technologies and...Interests: 21st C teaching and learning toolsInterests: teaching as inquirySkills: teaching as inquiry

  • Miss McLennan

    About me: ...rom Otago in 1987 ... oh how I loved those flatting days there.  Started off with Year 1's till I turned 25 then experienced 15 years overseas in teaching and chefing roles. I am curre...

  • Naketa

    Website: http://journeythroughteaching.blogspot.com

  • Lesa Lafaelle

    About me: ......for now,  still in Edgecumbe.  Kia Ora!  Well actually, I am now teaching Year 3-4 children in Edgecumb...er working in Kawerau in the EBOP.  I loved it there!  I had only been teaching in this level for 4 years but...

  • Tara Fagan

    About me: ...Lab. Tara is passionate about supporting all learners and believes using digital technologies in a well-considered blended approach enhances teaching and learning.    ...

  • jfaber

    About me: ...t with new technology throughout the Centre. This includes Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms. We have a Specialised Music Room, Library, Teaching Kitchen, Art Room, Therapy Ro...