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  • Loved viewing the history behind the Khan Academy tonight on 60 minutes - Sal Khan a teacher of millions http://bit.ly/MitoXD

  • Video: Examples / demo of using #Inquiry-Based Learning with youth in a science context: http://j.mp/1sf8Vwa

  • Don't miss out, REGISTER NOW!: Live webinar: Using mobile technologies in a junior classroom - one teacher's story http://bit.ly/13rBXx5

  • I were a classroom teacher I'd get my kids into this !! http://game.pounamu.gen.nz/ a hugely cool science, social studies, G &T activity imo

  • How Can I Better Facilitate #Inquiry-Based Learning (includes useful examples & addresses key questions you may have): http://j.mp/WWEpL8

  • Share your e-learning focus or question with our fabulous guest facilitator, Claire Amos! e-Learning as inquiry | bit.ly/Q50H7T

  • NZ Herald: Inquiry to look at digital learning in schools http://bit.ly/HotQkA

  • Y7&8 Tech teacher at one of my schools is looking for ideas how to integrate ICT into technology programme - who has ideas to share?

  • Polya's model of problem solving in Maths, any other primary teacher using this approach?

  • iPads, blogging, effective course design, e-learning inquiry. It's all on in Enabling e-Learning, Term 3 http://bit.ly/LZKKPL