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  • ...It's World Teacher Day....Enjoy:)

  • Just finished a meeting of the i-Team. Great feedback on Teacher Only Day! Moving ahead on strengthening ICT support for all staff.

  • Ideas, please! > What tech helps your school collate numeracy /Maths data to support good teacher judgement? http://bit.ly/IU82mj

  • Places filling fast for tomorrow's e-Registered Teacher Criteria workshop /pg/event_calendar/view/15824.You coming?

  • Technology:over time, in everyday life, as part of Inquiry, to self review, as virtual reality? What does it look like? http://bit.ly/I60zy0

  • Digital Citizenship, and the e-Registered Teacher Criteria: Two more free online workshops for NZ educators | Sign up today! bit.ly/uyylRs

  • Just about to start the session with Suzie Vesper on e-Registered Teacher Criteria. You can grab the link from me if you want to jump in....

  • Did you miss yesterday's e-Registered Teacher criteria workshop? Listen again: /pg/groupcms/view/187012/

  • Interested in Teaching as Inquiry? - check out the VPL-D online workshop http://bit.ly/sVoz10

  • Building websites for teacher use ready for 2012: check them out! www.literacylogic.com and www.atcoam.com