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  • spent the Day at NYLD2011. Kids were so excited, couldn't stop talking! will be exciting to see what they have to say tomorrow!

  • @learneruk Cool to see you here. Just had the most amazing day filming current and ex students from BLENNZ talking about access to learning.

  • I want your best ideas for talking about Facebook to intermediate age students!

  • Can you help with this school's question ? > e-Books: how does your school manage them? http://bit.ly/QQ2trp #eTechs

  • How do people get 'creative' when using chrome books?

  • Karoria wants to know where to find some online māori books. Can you help? /discussion/view/933328

  • Enjoyed talking to Tess today. Having a trainee also helps to reflect on practice. Looking forward to workshop in on 27th.

  • I enjoyed talking to you Jacqui, am writing your story now, which is cool. Thanks again for sharing.

  • Nearly starting our webinar with Girlboss founder and Eureka winner Alexia, talking about STEM and girls http://bit.ly/2gmEXVW

  • Pasifika dual language books for your Pasifika new entrants and their fanau. http://literacyonline.tki.org.nz/Pasifika-dual-language-books