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  • Papanui

    We have spent the bulk of the year to date moving our Moodle site to a Moodle 2 site....ling a Digi Class. This is a B band mixed ability class that have been given a tablet PC by Toshiba to use for the...

  • B. I. S

    The school has provided computers for use by students, offering access to a vast amoun...re found to be clean of viruses. Always check mobile equipment (e.g. laptops, tablet PCs, PDAs etc.) with antiviru...

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  • Does anyone know how to set up printing wirelessly from a samsung tablet?? Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • If you have Surface tablets you may like join the new group /groups/profile/874409/surface-tablet-group

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  • VPLD/FFI Hui 2014

    VPLD/FFI Hui 2014

    What and where is the hui? The hui will be in Auckland at the Holiday Inn, airport on...You will need to bring some sort of wireless mobile device (e.g. laptop, iPad, tablet etc). Hui overview...

  • Surface Tablet Group

    Surface Tablet Group

    A lot of people have purchased Micosoft Surface Tablets. Let's work together and share the good things that they can do.


  • Surface Tablet User Manuals

    Sadly today I had to resort to searching through the manual to find out how to switch it on 'cos it wouldn't wake up! These are pdf downloads.

    Tags: Microsoft, Surface Tablet

  • How to completely quit an app

    To close the app currently filling your screen, slide your finger from the screen’s top edge all the way down to its bottom edge. As you slide, the app follows your finger, shrinking and then disappearing completely when your finger reaches the screen’s bottom edge.

    Tags: Microsoft, Surface Tablet

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