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  • Preparation for Tekids Celebration

    Today we had the children together to begin the planning for their end of year celebration where they will present to whanau and BoT's from our schools. The children worked collaboratively in groups, some with a mixture of children from different schools. A major focus is on them taking...

    Tags: student-centered, student voice, tekids, whanau

  • Student Voice

    The TeKids at Terrace End have made significant progress in both their confidence and skill in using a variety of ICT tools to enhance their learning. In fact, several of these students are now actively using them to complete homework tasks and add them to their page on our class wiki: http:...

    Tags: student voice, tekids, tech angels, ict, thinking, graphic organisers

  • Reflection time for Somerset Tekids

    As the time for our school-wide action plans etc to be completed is drawing near - a big part of our ICT action plan reflection will obviously need to be based around the Tekids component. I have asked Louise to complete an individual reflection on the Tekids successes and next ste...

    Tags: e-learning, reflections, student voice, tekids

  • Student Voice

    What do our students have to say about their experiences learning online? Here are some excerpts from our survey—you can view the full survey analysis here. “I enjoyed Maori because I can talk to my family members in Maori and when they are talking to each other in Maori i can ...

    Tags: vln primary, survey, feedback, student voice

  • TEKids Celebration Evening

      As a conclusion to our TEKids programme this year we held a parent information evening where the children showcased their learning from throughout the year. The children were up front leading, introducing and running the whole show, including the workshops that parents moved around an...

    Tags: whanau, parents, student voice, student-centered

  • Student Voice - VLN Primary

    What do our students have to say about their experiences learning online? Here are some excerpts from our survey—you can view the full survey analysis here. (Cross-post VLN Primary) “I enjoyed Maori because I can talk to my family members in Maori and when they are...

    Tags: vln primary, survey, feedback, student voice

  • Students & Schools Feedback 2013

    Every year we gather feedback from our students and schools on how the learning experience with the VLN Primary School has been for them. This year we adapted our surveys so we were asking comparable questions with the wider VLN Community (Regional Secondary Clusters) so that our voice could be p...

    Tags: online learning, student feedback, student voice, vln primary, virtual learning, languages, school culture

  • Using Digital Tools to Capture Student Voice

    I taught the Tech Wizards about capturing student voice.  We discussed how interviews are taken on TV: points like keep to short and sharp, head and shoulder shots, having a practice run.  Then the TWs went out into the field - literally - to collect student ideas about why we commemor...

    Tags: milestone 5, goal 1, mokoiaintermediate, rotorua lakes cluster, vimeo, moviemaker, student voice, embed

  • Student Voice 2012

    Tags: students, student voice, feedback, survey, online learning, vln primary, 2012

  • Mid year Inquiry, Thinking and ICT update

    It has been great visiting classes and holding discussions lately based around our use of ICT and the development of Inquiry Learning within our school. Good dialogue occurred after recent Kath Murdoch PD about the use of student voice and choice as an area we need to develop. Some of the followi...

    Tags: Somerset, e-learning, ICT, Inquiry, student voice, thinking, graphic organisers