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  • jfaber

    About me: ...ll Faber and I teach at Mahinawa Specialist School and Resource Centre... students from 5 - 21 years with Special Needs and Intellectual Disabilities....ds in all classrooms. We have a Specialised Music Room, Library, Teac...n ICT PD cluster incorporating 6 special schools in the Lower North...

  • Angela Kerr

    About me: ...la Kerr and I teach at Kowhai Special School in Hastings. We are a...or children aged 5 to 21 with special needs and intellectual disabilities....ork closely together with our specialist providers to provide the b...am in an ICT PD cluster of 6 special schools....

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  • Kaiarahi Hui at Waiheki

    Kaiarahi  from all parts of New Zealand gathered at Waihiki Island on the Piratahi Marae on the first week of F...e we tasted smoked fish fresh from the waters off the island. Jill also backed speci...



  • Giving Children a Voice

    ...an innovation driven by being focussed on the needs of the students and their commu...ster have learned through innovation that this special type of online forum helps...r ability to respond to what each child really needs. They don’t seem to hav...

  • e-learning for students with special needs

    ...r Type – Central Region Special Schools ICT PD Cluster Year...level – 5 -21 year old special needs students Context - School prog...students with a wide range of special needs. The cluster consists of six sp...p;Sensory rooms are common in special needs schools, and the recent addit...

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  • Learning Communities Online

      A group of organisations or individuals that chooses to operate as a collaborati...e a primary community, one defined by geography or special character, to which an indivi...to go elsewhere for their education retention of speci...

  • Learning and Teaching Resources

    ...sources, identify gaps and future needs. Explanation The provision of...ividual schools are the access to specialist text books, laboratories a...from across the LCO and identify special teaching support and elearn...y the specific learning resources needs for online courses where ther...

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  • Christchurch Special School's Cluster

    Christchurch Special School's Cluster

    The Christchurch Special School's Cluster is made up of 4 special schools in Christchurch.  We are working together on the Learning wi...sion please make sure you have completed the end of year evaluation. Speci...

  • CRSSC Cluster

    CRSSC Cluster

    The Central Region Special School Cluster is a team of six special needs schools from Hawke's Bay, Wanganui and We...eam made up of a Lead Teacher from each Special School. Fairhaven is our lead...T co-ordintaor. Angela Kerr from Kowhai Special School in Hastings, Di McBr...

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