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  • Assistive Technology

    Assistive Technology

    Share and discuss assistive technology options and the ways that both specialised assistive technology and standard technologies can be used to support students.

    Tags: assistive technology, special needs, special education, diverse learners, universal design for learning, UDL, accessibility

  • Korero 9 – Strategic Resourcing to meet e-learning needs - Northern – April 3-May 11

    23/4Thanks, Karen. We were fortunate enough to be part of an ELearning cluster from 2009-2011. Unpacking the e-Learning framework I did purely of interest when it was in draft. A lot of what we have implemented into our school was based on understanding where we (our learning community) wanted to...

    Tags: E-Learning, E-Tools, Special Needs

  • Learning Staircase Workshop

    A workshop targeting children on the Dyslexia Spectrum. The bottom 15% who make progress slowly. Targeting Government Target Groups. A highly successful programme, which is making a difference for our learners most in need.

    Tags: Professional Development, Special Needs, Government Target Groups, Dyslexia

  • Bronwyn Harding

    I am the senco at wairakei school in christchurch.

    Skills: Special Needs

  • Fi Rogers

    I have a lot a variety in my job.  The main chunk of my time is taken up with being an additional teacher to 3 ORSome boys.  You may find me doing PRT release, CRT release or, just filling in where needed.... yip you can do that when you work part-time!  I love music but adore art!  Outside of sc...

    Tags: Special Needs, Autism, Art

  • Inclusive Education CoP

    Inclusive Education CoP

    This is a Virtual Community of Practice for School Leaders, Sencos, Teachers, Teacher's Aides, Itinerants and other agencies who want to become truly Inclusive Schools.  Through this group we will be able to access and contribute to each other's knowledge, skills and confidence and grow o...

    Tags: Inclusive Education, Senco, Special Needs