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  • Gifted Pasifika Education

    Gifted Pasifika Education

    This is the forum for people who would like to know more about Gifted Pasifika education and how they can connect with Pasifika learners and identify their cultural gifte...

  • Pasifika Education Plan 2013-2017
  • Vocational Pathways Refinement

    Vocational Pathways Refinement

    Project objectives: 1. To improve the six Vocational Pathways so that increasingly coherent, consistent, balanced assessment opportunities (with manageable progression...

  • Teacher-led Innovation Fund

    Teacher-led Innovation Fund

    This is a place to discuss the Teacher-led Innovation Fund (TLIF). It's a place to share ideas, resources, questions and answers. I'm more than happy to answer any...

  • Special Education Communities of Learning

    Special Education Communities of Learning

    The scope of this proposed work is to facilitate communities of practice and to work within the scope of providing advice and guidance and capability within teams rather than Professional Development.

  • Māori Medium PLD Providers 2013

    Māori Medium PLD Providers 2013

    He aha ā tātou mahi? Īmera mai ōu whakaaro e pā ana ki te rōpū nei: moana.timoko@core-ed.org How could this space be used? What are we doing in our kura? How can we w...

  • MoToMa MaP

    MoToMa MaP

    Share and contribute to online discussions about engaging and improving achievement for Māori and Pasifika learners.  Need a refresher about what works?  Is your school P...

  • Te Aka Matua- Specialist Teaching in Years 9-13 Pangarau

    Te Aka Matua- Specialist Teaching in Years 9-13 Pangarau

    This PLD provision is aimed at: Kura Kaupapa Māori Years 9-13 Kura ā-Iwi Years 9-13 Māori-medium Settings Years 9-13 Tailored in-depth programmes through this PLD...

  • Minecraft Teachers

    Minecraft Teachers

    Interested in the potential of Minecraft in education - come and join us on the journey

  • St Mary's School, Hastings

    St Mary's School, Hastings

    ...ultural and spiritual teaching form the foundation for our children's education. We believe in a quality, b...eeds, developing lifelong learners and accentuating the abilities and special talents of our students in a fra...