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Results for "Southern Region"


  • Lynne Hayes

    About me: I am the ASD 'Go'to' person for the Southern Region and speech-language therapist based in special education, Porirua offfice. 

  • Ruth Soper

    About me: I am a Southern Regional Health School teacher from Invercargill.  I teach Southland Y0-13 students who are sick and cannot attend school. Blended eLearning makes smart use of my time. Brief description: Southern Regional Health School teacher.

  • Helen Mantell

    Brief description: Principal, Southern Regional Health School

  • Amanda

    Brief description: Teacher, Southern Regional Health School

  • Chris

    Brief description: Teacher, Southern Regional Health School

  • Rachel Quennell

    About me: I am a Home Economics teacher at Te Aho o te Kura Pounamu (the Correspondence School) for the Southern Region (South Island). I work with Y9-11 students from a wide range of backgrounds....

  • Bruce Cull

    About me: Manger for Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Southern Region. I manage a small team of Regional Practitioners whose main role is to support the implementation of PB4L School Wide throughout the South Island.