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  • Coming soon - new VLN Homepage - next week we will update your homepage to show all activity, which we hope will make it more useful

  • I there anyone who can give me five minutes of screen sharing via Skype time to show me how to add stuff to a group?

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  • Creative Commons in Schools. Wednesday; April 11; 12:00 PM

    A lunchtime Meeting about Creative Commons for kiwi kids and teachers. We have some practical tips for finding and reusing great CC content in the classroom. Show off your new digital literacy and copyright skills and share them with kids or colleagues!

  • The Google Discovery Day

    This event will showcase Google Apps For Education and show you how Google Apps supports the latest research on intrinsic motivation with students. You will learn some great skills and leave with ideas for how you can use these tools in your classroom and school.



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  • The Ministry of Education Student Gallery

    The Ministry of Education Student Gallery

    Student artwork from schools has been on show at one of the Ministry of Education's head office buildings i...Hon. Anne Tolley, is now displaying some of this artwork in her office. Shown here with the first work dis...