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  • who knows how to get into the Primary Science Conference group

  • Changing perceptions, uncertainly & play - how we learn new things; & getting young students involved in science: http://ning.it/12aWQOh

  • Authentic reflections on a journey into science 'teaching': http://ning.it/12K9LBO

  • Yesterdays webinar seems to have got me back into VLN and wanting post more about the experiences that students are facing in a BYOD world

  • Learning in the virtual world http://techday.com/educate/news/learning-in-the-virtual-world/165723/

  • N4L media release > $211 million opens up digital world for schools http://ow.ly/nym2u

  • 6 second science - will u take up the challenge? http://tiny.cc/6secondscience respond here /discussion/view/830232

  • QR codes in science fair? Creating lessons around Youtube with TED.ED? Callie Ballara shares some more e-learning gems http://bit.ly/1h3YW9k

  • A brand, new shiny resource with guides about integrating eLearning into NZ science curricula http://ning.it/1cLb88Q

  • Join this collaborative project suitable for younger students /blog/view/851301/one-world-project-2014