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  • Virtual Incredible Science

    Virtual Incredible Science is happening next week (24th-26th July).   Virtual Incredible Science is a free online event for children aged 8-12 years, and their schools and families.   It is a continuation of Incredible Science, the popular event that was held on The University of A...

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  • Some apps for Science

    3D Brain - With a 3D interactive brain to rotate and highlight, each segment has a color code and definition, making it easy to walk your students through each section of the brain with ease.  3D Sun - This app features up to the minute conditions of the sun as recorded by s...

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  • Science Learning Hub

    The Science Learning Hub is developed by educators and teachers in collaboration with New Zealand scientists to provide resources for teachers of school years 2-10. It is funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and managed by the University of Waikato. Sign up free for MySc...

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  • "Heads Up" July 2013 from the Royal Society of New Zealand

    Check out the latest resources, news, events and links to inspire teachers of science, technology and mathematics.

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  • "Heads Up" - August edition

    Take a look at the latest science and technology teaching and learning links, news and ideas from the Royal Society.

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  • Sailing Stones Newsboard

    Sailing Stones Newsboard link.  Suitable for years 6-8 https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/159QejvmtwP1jcIoEVMZF1NvP7tR_RprXAdfAbD4bGB8/edit#slide=id.p

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  • Everyday Earth and Space Science Mysteries

    Stories for Science Based Inquiry Teaching

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