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Results for "STEM"


  • Rachel Whalley

    About me: ...th Core Education as a facilitator and mentor in the VPLD programme, and ePrincipal of TaraNet Secondary Cluster.  My experiences with elearning stem back to my teacher training d...

  • Jo Wilson

    Brief description: Educational Positioning System (EPS) Co-ordinator, CORE Education Ltd.

  • dakinane

    Skills: network systems analyst

  • Jane Armstrong Bos

    Skills: content managment systems

  • Theresa Bosch

    About me: ...osely with our Database Administrator to ensure our Student Management System - KAMAR is used in a way that...for ICT at Baradene and the use of Ultranet - our Learning Management System within the college.  A large...

  • Giles Lancaster

    About me: .... The first wave being "learning about ICT". The question is can engagement and learning be enhanced by using, Web 2.0 tools, Learning Management Systems, Cloud technologies  and  th...

  • John Creighton

    About me: ...ing mobile computing and online learning. Want to look at more Video Conferencing. Keen to create a central ICT hub at Burnside that connects all systems internally, and then to look...

  • Caroline Rogers

    Interests: effective systems

  • Nick Ford

    About me: ...condary & tertiary course development (face to face, online and blended) community faciliation ICT in teaching & learning research  systems training & administratio...

  • Graham Young

    About me: ...icture’ work, strategic planning, my own learning, and leading learning. To achieve the latter of those interests I have had to develop skills in systems management and time manageme...