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  • Amanda

    About me: Teach at Sacred Heart Timaru in a Year 3 class.

  • Dave Armstrong

    About me: Hi, I have come to the VLN because I am Principal at Sacred Heart Primary Timaru. Our ARC ICT cluster is now in it's third year and we have been lucky to have been involved!Contact email: principal@sacredhearttim.school.nzWebsite: www.sacredhearttim.school.nz

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  • Game Mechamics

    ...randomness → uncertainty pacing → game-pacing progression → progress → score (points, rankings), virtual currency (money, transactions), reward system (badges,...

  • Sacred Heart Timaru

     Sacred Heart teachers' evidence for Milestone 6. Teaching as Inquiry Focus: How can we use ICT tools, strategies and thinking in our teaching and learning to improve student achievement in writing?   Sacred Heart ICT Strategic Plan 2011 - 2012

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  • Can anyone help? Kevin is looking for a solution for multiple calendars | MUSAC Calendar Booking... What do you use? http://bit.ly/18u9JWx

  • Join us for the Unconference webinar this afternoon to hear about what others are doing with their students. http://bit.ly/1SACamW

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  • I-Connect Cluster

    I-Connect Cluster

      The I-Connect ICTPD Cluster is made up of 3 Hawke’s Bay secondary schools. Karamu High School in Hastings is the lead school and the other two being the Napier located William Colenso and Sacred Heart Colleges.

  • e-LfA Cluster Hamilton

    e-LfA Cluster Hamilton

    Our cluster is located in Hamilton and comprises two schools of varying size, Hamilton's Fraser High School and Sacred Heart Girls' College Hamilton. We are in the third year of our ICT contract.

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