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  • Lorraine

    Principal of Mamaku School. Project Director of the Rotorua Town and Country ICT PD Cluster.  

    Location: rotorua

  • Westbrook School

    Westbrook School is a decile 4 school situated in Rotorua.  Our roll at present is around 540.

    Location: rotorua

  • KPeden

    I am currently a Year 1 & 2 teacher at Kawaha Point School.  I enjoy my role as an ICT Lead teacher and love to learn!

    Location: rotorua

  • Rotorua Lakes High School

    Rotorua Lakes High School

    School website: http://www.rotorualakes.school.nz/ KnowledgeNet: http://rotorualakes.moodle2.net.nz/ Mission statement: “Rotorua Lakes High School will provide excellent education to every student” “Ka whakarato te Kura nei ki nga tauira katoa, he matauranga pai rawa atu” Motto: “Mauria t...

    Tags: rotorua, rotorualakes cluster, rotorualakescluster, ictpd, ictpdcluster, highschool, secondary school

  • Rangitahi College

    Rangitahi College

    Kia ora.  This is our new professional learning site to help us share and learn as education professionals. It is also required by our commitment to the Rotorua Lakes ICTPD Cluster.  It shows some aspects of our professional learning and reflections as we move thru' our 3 yr contract. We want pr...

    Tags: rotorua, rotorua lakes cluster, ictpd, ictpd cluster, highschool, rangitahi, secondary schools, ulearn11

  • Whangamarino School

    Whangamarino School

    Using the analogy of the waka, this is how we 'row'.  Whangamarino - translated as calm, peaceful bay - is our main port.  Together we all help paddle in our own unique ways, complementing each other alongside the whanaungatanga, manaakitanga and rangimarie that is our compass.  ICT provides the ...

    Tags: rotorua, rotorualakes cluster, rotorualakescluster, ictpd, ictpdcluster, primaryschool, primary, maori, rural

  • Mokoia Intermediate

    Mokoia Intermediate

    We are an intermediate school located in the eastern suburbs of Rotorua in the wonderful Bay of Plenty.  We are members of the Rotorua Lakes Cluster with Whangamarino Primary, Rotorua Lakes High School and Rangitahi College.  Besides the ICT PD Cluster, we are in a PB4L initiative. ...

    Tags: rotorua lakes cluster, intermediate, cluster, rotorua, rotorualakescluster, ictpd, ictpdcluster, intermediate, maori

  • Going It Alone Together – Forging Forward Without A Facilitator

    A Reflective Summary For Milestone 3 About our cluster   The Rotorua Lakes Cluster consists of Rotorua Lakes High School (the lead school), Rangitahi College, Mokoia Intermediate and Whangamarino School.  We range between decile 1 – 5 with rolls between 87 and 650.  Wh...

    Tags: ICTPD, ict pd, reflective summary, rotorualakescluster, rotorua, solo taxonomy, techwizardsandangels,

  • Reflective Summary May 2011- RCICT - Glenholme Primary School Reflects on their SOLO Journey

    Reflective Summary May 2011- RCICT - Glenholme Primary School Reflects on their SOLO Journey

    Tags: reflective summary, rotorua, primary, ictpd, solo taxonomy, solo