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  • To find resources on the VLN, go>Tools>Resources>All site resources. Here you will see a Tag cloud developing.

  • I've just gone to Tools>Resources>All site resources and subscribed to the RSS feed. Great way to see new resources arriving daily :)

  • I've just joined the VIDEO RESOURCES FOR PD group. A hot spot for great videos for stimulating discussion in the classroom and staffroom.

  • Video resources for PD. A great way to support teachers. /pg/groups/48871/video-resources-for-pd/

  • Want to start reading reflective summaries from other clusters? Try searching in /pg/resources/world/world

  • New resources released for Māori Language Week 2011 (free, but limited quantities) http://www.korero.maori.nz/resources/shop.html.

  • Looking for ICT PD reflective summaries. Go>Tools>Resources>All Site Resources - enter 'reflective summaries' in the search field.

  • Looking for ICT PD reflective summaries? Go>Tools>Resources>All Site Resources and click on the 'reflective summary' tag. Subscribe to feed.

  • This is such a great resource http://registeredteachercriteria.wikispaces.com/ Lots of fab examples and resources for teachers.

  • Please add your resources to http://worldcuprugby.wikispaces.com/ for next term if you are focussing on the rugby next term.