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  • Tahunanui School

    Resources E-Learning Annual Plan 2011 Professional Development Wikispace for Teachers at Tahunanui School Tahunanui Parent Wikispace - Cyber Safety & E-Learning Tahunanui Student Wikispace - Cyber Safety/Web 2.0 Tools/Webpages

  • Online Support for Students in Christchurch

      Following on from the tragedy of Christchurch comes the gr...accessing educational digital resources on the Internet - to help co...mp in and add some content or resource ideas to help many students c...ladder is a New Zealand based resource that provides a highly effect...

  • Reflections


  • Leadership of Lead Teachers

    In your role as formal leaders of e-Learning in your schools, how do you effectively lead e-learning development and measure the success of e-learning in supporting learning and achievement in your schools.

  • Curriculum at Enner Glynn School

    Here is our over-arching framework for 2011...   This framework encompasses...hip – exploring what it means to be a citizen and to contribute to the development and well-being of society en...

  • Tahunanui School

    Tahunanui School's annual targets are built...n was broken down into professional development (covering goal 2 & 3),&nb...1; digital citizenship &  development of our school curriculum: des...for e-Learning and to continue the developmentment our school curriculm desi...

  • Hot Seat Sessions: VPLD

    Hot Seat Sessions VPLDThe VPLD (Virtual Professional Learning and Development) team welcomes your participation in...

  • 31st of August - Stoke School

    Agenda:   De-Brief Kids Can Film Festival Genius Cafe Curriculum Link Nelson 2011 (Plan - how to do it...with eLearning? Strategic Planning update - individual school AND cluster. Resource sh...

  • Tahunanui School

    WORK IN PROGRESS At Tahunanui School we have been developing our AUP for our student...dent discussions,  Lead E-Learning Teacher discussioon and professional development through the Whakatu Cluster (...

  • News from UFBis

    This message has been released from Marg McLeod, ...ensure their views are taken into account in the development of the Network. Obviously th...ramount importance in planning for the successful development and implementation of the Net...