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  • marglnz

    Kia ora tatou katoa   Ko       Benger                   te maunga ( mountain)   Ko         Clutha                     te awa ( river)   Ko        Surat                        te waka ( ship/canoe)   Ko         Roxburgh                te marae   Ko        Burgess                   te iwi...

    Tags: dancing, reading, walking, cycling

  • Cass Jordan

    I am a teacher at Hawera Intermediate in Taranaki. I have recently moved to this region from the South Island. 

    Tags: Yoga, relaxation techniques, reading, camping, behavioural and brain development, holistic healing.

  • Shirley

    Hi. I am Shirley Hardcastle. I am the principal at Devonport Primary School. This school is a wonderful place to work. We currently have just over 360 great kids, very supportive parents, great staff and wonderful views. We have our challenges as well and most of these could be summed up as "Deci...

    Tags: Apart from learning and teaching: Golf, biking, dancing, reading, gardening

  • Catriona Pene

    Mid 2012 I left a Year 3 digital classroom, where I was teaching using macbooks, ipads and ipods, to take up a position as eLearning Facilitator online and in schools. Online and Face-to-face Facilitator – Learning with Digital Technologies Programme.  Lead Facilitator - Literacy, ESOL and ...

    Tags: walking, reading, eLearning, family, friends, movies, social media.

  • Tuliloa


    Tags: japan, food, reading, education, onepiece (^_^)v

  • First issue of Computers in New Zealand Schools for 2012

      The  first issue of Computers in New Zealand Schools for 2012 is now ‘live’!  Go to http://education2x.otago.ac.nz/cinzs/ Computers in New Zealand Schools has been reporting on the use of computers and other forms of information and communication t...

    Tags: cinz, computers in nz schools, articles, reading, ict in schools, publications

  • Wilma

    Tags: reading, exercising, spending time with family and friends.

  • Michelle Kerr

    I am a primary trained teacher currently teaching a Year 3 - 4 class in a 460 pupil, decile 2 school in Masterton in the beautiful Wairarapa. Over the years I taught from Years 3 - 8 including multi level classrooms in a small rural school and as a specialist computing teaching at an intermediate...

    Tags: reading, photography, family, sports

  • Suzanne

    Tags: Education, reading, walking, arts, theatre, movies, icts, maths

  • Jane Norman

    Ko Jane Norman tōku ingoa. Ko Kamo Tuatahi tōku kura. No Whangarei tōku kainga noho. Ko Hayward Norman tōku tāne hoa. No Ngati Kuri, Maniapoto āna iwi.

    Tags: Walking, kayaking, gardening, reading, seeker of knowledge, my family