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  • Text to Speech

    Updated Nov 2015 Text-to-speech software converts text into speech, reading written information aloud. I dream of a time when every computer used by students has text-to-speech enabled so that students can have that support whenever they want it. Text-to-speech allows students to access tex...

    Tags: Text to speech, text-to-speech, TTS, speak selection, ReadWrite for Google, select and speak, announcify, balabolka, DSpeech, Wordtalk

  • Voice typing (speech recognition)

    Updated May 2018 Voice typing (also called Speech Recognition) allows you to talk to a computer and it types words as you speak. The software has improved significantly in the last few years and is now a real option for text entry.   As most people speak significantly faster than t...

    Tags: Voice recognition, speech recognition, dragon, speech to text, ReadWrite for google, ReadWrite