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  • Comment on "Avoiding digital distraction"

    Hi All My take on this issue of digital distraction is that teac...s will become more attuned to students who are disengaged due to di...you are constantly monitoring student engagement in learning activi...d misleading for a teacher. A student can present as being intensel...

  • Comment on "Avoiding digital distraction"

    Admittedly the 'digital distraction' is a problem. We don't have byod but...edly concur with the idea of greater student engagement in their learning,...than staring out the window). Do the students get just as distracted but i...(I teach 7&8 year old semi-rural students)....

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  • Working with teachers and their classes

    During 2011, as part of my e-learning leadership role, I am working with t...chers in their classrooms with their students to support embedding e-learn...on in our first session and rotated students working on the reading resou...ed back that it had engaged one student so...

  • Futures Channel

    http://www.thefutureschannel.com/index.php Miss...ng can use to enliven curriculum, engage students and otherwise enhance the le...neering to the real world of careers and achievement, providing a context and purpose for what students are learning, allowing them to e...

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  • Curriculum at Tahunanui School

    TAHUNANUI SCHOOL CHARTER Vision Statement To be a car...onsible citizens. Strategic Goals To enhance student achievement in literacy and numeracy...of I.C.T. To develop the total wellbeing of our students and our school environment Ta...

  • Tahunanui School

    Resources E-Learning Annual Plan 2011 Professional Development Wikispace for Teachers at Tahunanui School Tahunanui Parent Wikispace - Cyber Safety & E-Learning Tahunanui Student Wikispace - Cyber Safety/Web 2.0 Tools/Webpages

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  • Giving Children a Voice

    This article was published in the Education Gazette In early Augus...and. It is largely made up of students from minority communities an...focussed on the needs of the students and their community and find...ne way that Juanita gives her students a voice is by posting their...

  • e-learning for students with special needs

    ...ssroom programme, so that the students throughout the CRSSC Cluster...tunities that will help their students experience e-learning. It is...resources that inspire their students. Sharing of resources is at...he could communicate with the students and staff while he was away....

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  • Phase 4: Implementation

      If the planning phase has been completed successfully the implemen...c. Feedback from parents/whanau and students should be regularly sought,...the participating schools, staff and students will be critical to the succ..., and a positive experience for both students an...

  • Learner Needs

      Focus Ensure learner needs are identified and addressed in...w classes) the needs of their students within the LCO, and negotiat...line learners, the numbers of students that can be catered for in a...ome standard protocols around student participation that has been a...

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  • West e-Learning Cluster

    West e-Learning Cluster

    We are looking at establishing a collaboration across our West Cluster (Flaxmere Schools and Raureka School) with the focus being on e-Learning and how we can use it to enhance the achievement of students. This is where we can share any ideas with our e -Learning Cluster.    

  • Wellington DigiAdvisor Focus Group

    Wellington DigiAdvisor Focus Group

    Kia ora, Talofa lava, Welcome! This DigiAdvisor group is based in Wellington, and i...of this online community is to support teachers and school leaders to raise student achievement through the effective use of...

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