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  • Christine Lepper

    I am a Year 1 teacher at Wilford Primary School. 

    Location: Petone

  • Raylene Becker

    Hi, I am a Kindergarten Head Teacher with an interest in how the whole ICT picture fits together. We have recently got 2 i-pads to use with the children - primarily at this stage for taking photos and recording items for their online portfolios - through Story Park. We have a termly discussion n...

    Location: Petone

  • Onieka

    I am a teacher at Sacred Heart Primary in Petone. I am currently team teaching a yr 1/2 class and training in Reading Recovery. I have also taken the role as lead teacher of ICT.

    Location: Petone

  • Sophie

    I am a beginning teacher at Sacred Heart School in Petone. I am currently teaching a Year 2 class. I am interested in PD that focuses on developing as a teacher. 

    Location: Petone

  • Kath

    Location: Petone