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Results for "Pahiatua"


  • Lindsey Dakin

    I am a year 5/6 teacher and the DRS at St Anthony's Catholic primary school in Pahiatua.  I am originally from England but came to live in beautiful NZ four years ago. I want to learn more about the Maori language and culture to enhance my teaching.

    Location: Pahiatua

  • Claire Bieleski

    I am a year four and five teacher at St Anthony's school Pahiatua. This is my second year teaching and am loving it. I know a little te reo from teacol and primary school and would like to use it more in my classroom.

    Location: Pahiatua

  • Rae Powell

    I teach a Year 7/8 class at St Anthony's School in Pahiatua. I have been teaching in the Tararua region for around 28 years.

    Location: Pahiatua

  • Sarah Moffitt

    I am the SenCo at St Anthony's School in Pahiatua and  I also teach a Year 2 and 3 maths class.  I have been teaching since 1997 and have most taught in small 2 teacher schools.  

    Location: Pahiatua

  • Kirsty Wagstaff

    I am a year 1/2 teacher at St Anthony's R.C. school in Pahiatua. I have been teaching coming up 20 years in a number of places including the U.K. and the King Country. I am currently teacher in charge of Maori at St Anthony's and would like to develop my skills and confidence in Te Reo.

    Location: Pahiatua

  • Frank Wafer

    After teaching in the UK for anumber of years I started work at my current school in 1999. It's a small school in the North Wairarapa.

    Location: Pahiatua