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  • eLearning Strategic planning

      The principal Daniel Murfitt reflets on how formal strategic planning has been successful.  Vision Statement: Learning and teaching that improves stud...

  • ePortfolio Presentations

    Dr Helen Barrett: Aaeebl slc feb11 Classroom2.0 View more presentations from Helen Barrett Jamin Lietze: Introducing the e-Portfolio A short prese...

  • Introduction to the Virtual Learning Network

      Welcome to the Virtual Learning Network (VLN)  |  / This is a social learning community that supports learning through the use of ICTs. The VLN p...

  • ICT PD Notices

      Notices for this community can be found by scrolling down on the left-hand navigation panel. Please feel free to add notices you think could be of interest to others in the ICT PD community in the comments section below.

  • Walkthrough at Nayland Primary

    This was a great event and I was fortunate to see immediately the impact of Tony Ryan's visit to Nayland School.  The wonder wall in one of the rooms was terrifi...

  • Digital Citizenship

    National Goals Students to become successful digital citizens   Cluster Goals Promote student engagement in elearning and learning processes Develop...

  • Starting out in the VLN

    Stage 1: How to start a group in the Virtual Learning NetworkThe VLN starts with you. It starts with sharing enough information about yourself to connect with others...

  • Case Studies in ICTPD Online

    Case Studies We now have a component of the ICT PD milestone report that asks clusters to upload a reflective summary online. In the past, ICT PD clusters offered to share case studies in their milestone reports by choice. Some of which can be viewed here.  

  • Implementing the New Zealand Curriculum

      Use this space to share your curriculum implemention ideas and resources

  • My Web Sites

    WebSites: SIS Digital Backpack This website is designed to support the year eight students during and after attending ICT. ICT@Somerville This website has resou...