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  • ICT PD needs

    Please rank these in order of priority for your teaching needs by writing 1(want the most),2,3,4,5 next to each focus. RSS feeds 1 Google docs 2 Ultranet 3 Photo presentation packages ipad ipod itunes imovie prezi twitter uspace skype digistore blogs wikis web pages  

    Tags: qps, rps, aps, pd, professional development, glenorchy, st jo's

  • Video resources for PD

    Video resources for PD

    To create environments where all learners thrive, there is immense potential in working closely with people who share a common vision.  But creating that vision takes a massive amount of effort to ensure relationships are strong and trusting, the environment is safe, innovation and the explorati...

    Tags: video, pd, youtube

  • Introducing Pato Fu and an example of a videosong

    A wonderfully wacky video by Pato Fu from Brazil, demonstrating a videosong - "The rules for videosongs can be summed up as what you hear is what you get: the sounds MUST be seen in the video, no lip-syncing allowed". This would be a great challenge for either a team meeting or a class music p...

    Tags: music, videosong, digital story, pd

  • The Deep

    An animated silent movie. Lovely to play in the background as people are settling in a PD session.  

    Tags: animation, pd

  • Leaving a legacy: Alan November shares phenomenal stories about learners and community.

    Great story telling. Really provocative. How you make things happen.

    Tags: community, pd, relationships

  • Implementation Programme

    Implementation Programme Find the link to our implementation programme - we are using this to keep us on track and for setting future project timelines.

    Tags: implementation programme, ict pd cluster, baradene, st peters, pd

  • Roslyn School - eSnaps

    Tags: pd, teachers, leadership, skills, sharing, collaboration, elearning, Te Apiti ICT Cluster

  • Rangitoto College E-Learning Professional Development

    Rangitoto College E-Learning Professional Development

    I'm Jen Bates - PD coordinator for e-Learning at Rangitoto College as well as a developer of our digital strategy. Rangitoto College is New Zealands largest secondary school and in 2012 is introducting BYOD across all year levels. I believe that ongoing professional development is a key factor i...

    Tags: rangitoto college, rangitoto, e-learning, byod, pd, professional development

  • NEAL Regional cluster

    NEAL Regional cluster

    NEAL (originally established as the North Shore Education & Access Loop, now Northern Education Access Loop) was an initiative under the Government's "Broadband Challenge" which saw the extension of a fibre broadband network to schools on Auckland's North Shore.  Now, any Auckland school which ...

    Tags: ictpd, pd, vpd, neal, north shore, ufb

  • Teachers Hold the Real Keys to Whiteboard Effectiveness

    http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2011/06/15/35mm-whiteboards.h30.html?tkn=QNCHGHOtI817meTf3DmDhLU5VbQj9%2FHRywtT&cmp=clp-sb-ascd An interesting read..... great plug for PD.  We are so blessed having the ICT PD Cluster available to us.  

    Tags: IWB, pd, support, student engagement