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  • Curriculum at Tahunanui School

    TAHUNANUI SCHOOL CHARTER Vision Statement To be a caring, dynamic school community committed to life long learnin...citizens. Strategic Goals To enhance student achievement in literacy and numeracy...

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  • Fun times simultaneously learning to use this VLN, teaching others how to use it, and discussing the new Level 2 standards.

  • Great to hear about how the NZC and new Visual Arts standards are increasing options for students in small schools #VisartsPD2011

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  • Student Led Conference 2012

    This year our conference was held over 2 days to include more students from the 12 schools involved. Many students...sp; Students presented workshops that focussed around the use of Literacy and Numeracy...


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  • Learner Needs

      Focus Carry out a learning needs analysis to identify the range of learning opportunities required....schools. These could be Gifted and Talented Programmes, ESOL, literacy and numeracy...

  • The 4 Ps

    Activity within and among LCO is shown below as the’ 4-Ps’:   Programmes of learning are provid...where they may be the only ones in their school (eg maths teachers, literacy/ numeracy...

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  • NZ Numeracy Standards on Prezi

    A Prezi explanation of the NZ Numeracy Standards for introducing students to the system. Also an example of how Prezi can be used - you can get an educational account for free if you register with a school email address. It's better than the generic free account. Disclaimer: all images blatantly...

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