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  • Summary of Changing Actions and Beleifs

    CHANGING ACTIONS AND BELIEFS In summary I think what has been said is your beliefs change your actions while others believe that actions will change beliefs.    Tamia’s quote “without knowledge people are not able to shape their beliefs” it really got me thinking ab...

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  • summary of Balance and Focus

    BALANCE AND FOCUS Allison gave us the quote from Waitere (Brown, Clark, gilling & Waitere, 2008) defines bi-culturalism as “an aspirational and a relational space, built on hope, a vision of a particular social, cultural and political arrangement with inter-relationships between people...

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  • summary of GATE from a Ngati Porou Perspective

    NGATI POROU GATE If leadership actions became more focused on an ever growing and changing affirmation of Maori and Pasifika quality then our Maori students in particular would be seen as achieving alongside their pakeha peers in education. Such as when our ancestors came here on Waka, they nav...

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  • Summary of Proactive Leadership korero

    PROACTIVE LEADERSHIP I think that a proactive leader would work towards finding out what is working and what is not working to help raise student achievement especially for our Maori and Pasifika students.   Glen believes this is supported by being proactive to include wider community act...

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