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  • Planning Meeting 1 - 2011 Term 1

    What do you need to achieve?Film Festival - Term 2Sponsorshi...choolWhat’s happening right now?Budget $10 000Week 8 Term 2Venue - Tahunanui Sch...ngelsHow & when will this be done?Next Meeting: Week 8 (Thursday 24th March) Broad...

  • Talking for Success

    ...improve and develop the oral language of English language learners and English first la...ction and improvement of oral language?    1. &...ction and improvement of oral language or reading comprehension?...ts and findings.   Weekly   These re...

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  • Ahh-hem Artwork!

      I think these are pretty cool and most of my 'quick-to-do' art (usually related to language themes), revolves around 'paper plates'.  Yes, you read it!  It's amazing how many things you can do with paper plates!

  • Tech Wizards Term 2 At RLHS

    Our cluster schools run Tech Wizards and Angels as peer and teacher mentors. Once a week we have met at RLHS or Mokoia Intermediate to join in creating a project using digital tools.

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  • Learner Needs

      Focus Carry out a learning needs analysis to identify the rang...hallenged to meet the needs of a new language curriculum area for Year 7 an...ith the introduction of the learning languages curriculum at the primary le...hey are trying to figure it out, and lang...

  • Logistical Coordination

      Focus Confirm shared timetables, calendars, and protocols for sharing with sta...synchronous learning takes place atan agreed time on the hour at least once a week (the time is usually determin...

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  • Secondary ESOL Online (VLN)

    Secondary ESOL Online (VLN)

    This group is moderated by Breda Matthews. It is a space for is for all secondary teachers and ESOL specialists to share their ideas, resources and issues around meeting the needs of English lang...

  • giftEDnz


    We are New Zealand's first national professional community in gifted and talented educa...ent and other groups Our VLN group is mainly active around Gifted Awareness Week each June, and in the lead up...

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