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  • For the life of me I cannot find the National Goals stated anywhere on this VLN. Please navigate me in the right direction someone?

  • Well done Carol Moffatt http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/queens-birthday-honours/5103401/Computer-instinct

  • Fun times simultaneously learning to use this VLN, teaching others how to use it, and discussing the new Level 2 standards.

  • Great to hear about how the NZC and new Visual Arts standards are increasing options for students in small schools #VisartsPD2011

  • Had a great first VC for this years VisartsPD workshop. 18 people from Northland to Dunedin discussing the new Level 2 Visual Arts standards

  • Listen again to the 2 min piece on the Network for Learning, from Radio NZ National this morning..http://bit.ly/JwEVV3 #eTechs #vln

  • Bookmark this page - Earth day ideas for all year http://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/Curriculum-resources/National-events-and-the-NZC/Earth-Day

  • Hi, I would like to take part in inter-school moderation of Level 3 ESOL standards. 17372 - write recounts. Others interested?

  • National Library Online PLD for teachers http://tiny.cc/cb6nsw

  • At the National Aspiring Principals' Programme national hui. Been a fantastic two days. Thanks to all the akonga and kaiarahi - 2 & 3 May