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  • Getting Started

    Hi all I have some students who have expressed an interest in using Minecraft as part of their learning. I have never gamed before so this is all new to me. I thought that this could be a good forum to share ideas and experiences. Currently have our tech making a virtual server within our schoo...

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  • Good point!

    Playing Games = Respecting Games I’ve been playing video games since I was a kid and never stopped. I play to unwind, connect with friends and have fun. It seems that for many educators playing video games is still seen as something only kids do. It’s something to grow out of. This, ...

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  • Toe in the water

    Hi all We purchased minecraft edu and 25 lincenses. We have running only at lunchtimes at the moment. We have a couple of year 12 students who setup the server and operate it during lunch. We are experimenting with how w can use it in the classroom. Friday we asked the students to post boards w...

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  • Minecraft is go!

    We have started a minecraft group this term and now have a server up and running! Our first task is to create a Minecraft map of our school that people can wander around to help orientate new students. We have a blank world and have made a start but how do I save the world and share it? (Seed it?...

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  • Minecraft Journey With Year 7/8's

    I was someone who had know idea about what Minecraft was before this year and I never thought that I would be encouraging my students to be playing a game - but here we are!!  The students in my class have been using minecraft as part of our measurement unit of designing a house.  The ...

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